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Ian Hart


The Gang

Family Photo


Jumping from the train

Billy and Icky sing "you'll never walk alone"

Billy trying to stay quiet when the policeman pee's on him

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The Film

A five part television serial written in 1980, produced by Yorkshire TV for Channel 4 and transmitted in August 1983. This proves a highly controversial production and leads to Willy Russell having his name removed from the credits. Produced by Keith Richardson of Yorkshire TV for Channel 4 and directed by Gordon Flemyng.

The Screenplay

This is the story of two Liverpool youths who go to the hills and valleys of Wales to escape the gangs and turmoil of Liverpool and try to recapture a happy moment in Billy's life - a camping trip to North Wales. Set during Thatcher's Britain, they come from the Liverpool of 1983, a tough gritty, uncompromising city and a long way from the magical days of the Beatles.

For the teenagers, Billy and Icky, things are getting a little too close for comfort. Like brushes with the police, the spectre of unemployment and the attentions of rival gangs. However they don't find the calm idyllic life they expect in Wales. They have people like Kidder to contend with - a strange man, a loner who could very well change their lives.

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The cast of One Summer

David Morrissey
started acting at Everyman's Youth Theatre iDavid Morrisseyn Liverpool. He made his debut in "One Summer".

“I was just dead, dead lucky… I was 16, it was the first job I ever did, and I was absolutely shitting myself.” DAVID MORRISSEY

Following completion of RADA studies, he was with the Royal Shakespeare Company, then the National Theatre. Since that time he has carved a very successful career and can be seen in Captain Corelli's Mandolin, Our Mutual Friend, State of Play (written by Paul Abbott), and Blackpool. He also appears in Basic Instinct 2 and The Reaping.

Ian Hart

"Ian Hart is one of the most exciting and talented young actors of his generation..."

So say most of the critics when talking about Ian's extraordinary cIan Hart in an argument with Billyareer. Willy Russell thought so too, even in 1983 and put forward Ian's name for one of the lead roles in "One Summer". His suggestion was rejected by the director who claimed that 'Ian had a speech impediment and would never make a lead actor.'

Those familiar with Ian's work will know that he has since become one of the country's leading actors with outstanding roles in Blind Flight and Ken Loach's, award winning, 'Land and Freedom', although most youngsters will know him as Professor Quirrell in Harry Potter.

Spencer Leigh

Spencer Leigh as IckySpencer Leigh has appeared in a number of films including several directed by Derek Jarman including Caravaggio, The Last of England, Aria and The Garden. He moved to America in the early 1990s and today produces TV commercials.

James Hazeldine as Kidder


James Hazeldine

played 'Kidder'. He died in 2002 after a short illness. James appeared in a whole string of successful TV series, including Midsomer Murders and Dalziel and Pascoe. As well as appearing as 'Bayleaf' in ITVs London's Burning, he also directed several episodes.