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OUR DAY OUT - Play for Today - now on DVD
now on DVD

Carol & Mr Briggs



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Jean Haywood

Carol and Mrs Kay on the beach

Carol on the coach

filming in 1978

Iona Banks as the sweetshop owner

Our Day Out...

Now on release (see News page)

The Television Film

Our Day Out bookCommissioned by BBC and directed by Pedr James. OUR DAY OUT was broadcast in December 1976, then again six weeks later by popular demand as part BBC's PLAY FOR TODAY in 1977. Re-broadcast in 1979.

Willy says: 'I still watch it today. The performances are exquisite. Shot on 16mm in just three weeks by a first time director working with a largely untrained cast it just seemed to be one of those charmed ventures in which everything just fell into place. A great bonus, for me, is the understated but stunning Nic Jones version of Teddy Bears Picnic over the final credits.'

When Mrs Kay's 'Progress Class' are unleashed for a day's coach trip to Conway Castle in Wales, it is an exuberant celebration of the joys and agonies of growing up and being footloose, fourteen and free from school. But this is more than a romp - it points up the depressing present and empty future for these comphrehensive no-hopers from the backstreets of Liverpool, for whom a day out is as much as they can expect.

Written in long hand in only four or five days, Willy found this reality based drama easy to write.
He had taught at Dingle Vale school, one of the locations used in the film and had experienced similar school trips both as a child and a teacher.
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Alun Armstrong as Mr Briggs and Carol, played by Julie Jones

The video of the BBC film Our Day Out will be available very soon..

"I can’t tell you how tiresome and frustrating a process it has been to try to get this title (Our Day Out) released." But now...


Mr Briggs and Carol on the bumper cars

Tow of the kids on the merry go round

Mr Briggs at the funfair

The adult cast of OUR DAY OUT


The television play produced some excellent acting from Alun Armstrong and the young Julie Jones, and the rest of the cast which included Jean Haywood and Elizabeth Estenson... plus the 'Kids'.


The kids in OUR DAY OUTT

Alun Armstrong with the Kids

OUR DAY OUT Reviews from School productions... (Click to read)

Dear Willy Russell
I am writing to you about our day out it is a really awesome book so keep making good books and enjoy yourself making more.  Marty Gardner

Dear Willy Russell
I am writing to you as me and my class have read, acted and watched your playwright OUR DAY OUT.
In my opinion I thought it was really  good and i loved the whole of it. I mostly played Carol and i sometimes played MRS Kay. I’m in a progress class like the book were about. Do you visit schools in Liverpool and wood u visit us . I’m in year 7. Keep up the good work. Olivier Wayne

Dear Willy Russell
 I am writing to you as me and my class have just completed acting, reading and watching Our day out. In my opinion I like the book because it was funny and in the play I was digger. I liked my part in the play because it was fun.  I preferred watching the play because it was interesting my favourite in the play was the riot scene because it was action packed. Yours sincerely, Tommy.

Dear Willy Russell
I am writing to you as me and my class have just completed acting , reading and watching Our day out. In my opinion it is really good and I really liked playing Mrs Kay. I am in year 7 and I am in Fearns Community Sports Collage and I am called Georgia Richens. Yours  sincerely, Georgia Richens.

Dear Willy Russell
I am writing to you as me and my class have just completed acting, reading and watching Our day out. In my opinion I found your book funny because the lines were funny and the film made me laugh. When we acted i mostly played Riley and the other boys and Collin. I enjoyed acting as Riley the most because i liked his accent and his sense of humour. Yours sincerely, Aiden Jordan.

..and their teacher
Just to say an enormous THANK YOU for entertaining, educating and enlivening the students I teach. I currently work in alternative education with a small group of disaffected students aged 12-15. They all LOVE "Blood Brothers".  Also have read "Our Day Out" with similar success.
I tell them I was at St. Katharine's with you. Well, I was, just studied French and not Drama.
Paula Newton-Appleby