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Con O'Neill and Claire Hackett

The Stags

The Hens


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The Hens blowing up their Durex

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The Film

Is an adaptation of Willy Russell's play Stags and Hens in which a group of girls and local lads venture out for a night of pre-marriage stag and hen party celebrations. Directed by Mike Ockrent. Produced by Annie Russell and Andree Molyneux for ( BBC & Formost Films Production) Palace Pictures.
The Screenplay
Ironically, both sexes end up partying at the same Liverpool disco, Brancky's. Linda, the bride-to-be (Claire Hackett), runs into her old boyfriend, Peter (Con O'Neill), on the eve of her wedding to her fiancee, Dave (Conrad Nelson), Peter, a musician with a single climbing up the pop charts, performs a concert at Bransky's.
Whilst entering the club, Dave, in a drunken stupor, becomes ill from the indian curry he ate previously and spends the remainder of the evening crawling around the men's lavatory floor.
His mates, including Kas, (Simon O'Brien of Brookside fame [British TV soap]) and gang leader Eddie (Mark Womack) decide to take the law into their own hands when they discover Linda has developed a crush on Peter and has second thoughts about marrying Dave.
As well as writing the screenplay and composing music for the film, Willy Russell appears in a cameo role. Willy Russell appears in Dancin' Thru The Dark as 'Scarface'.

The film contained several songs written by Willy Russell and a single
of the title song, DANCIN' THRU THE DARK, performed by Con O'Neill, was released.

The cast

the cover of the single - Dancin' Thru The Dark


Left to right: Mike Ockrent, Willy Russell, Con O'Neil and Colin Welland
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